Where do you find information about Target Companies?

I’ve been in D.C. speaking this week.  Tonight/tomorrow I am honored to spend time with one of my best friends at his wedding.  What a choice week it’s been!

Here’s an excellent resource to find awesome companies that might make your Target Company List: Silicon Slopes Company Intelligence page.  This is limited to Utah companies (Silicon Slopes -> slopes = skiing)

If I were looking for a job in Utah, I would probably spend weeks on this page + LinkedIn working on networking into each of these companies.

The bigger ones seem to have their revenue listed, which is awesome.  The other ones don’t have revenue listed, but just being on this list means something.

Where do you find lists like this that are relevant to you?  In different places.  Crunchbase is an awesome resource. Spoke is growing to be an awesome resource like this.

In your own area, ask a V.C. (venture capitalist) for a resource similar to Silicon Slopes.  They should either know about it, point you to their own portfolio, or hopefully create something like Silicon Slopes.

BONUS: Once you find lists like this, use JibberJobber to keep track of the companies, as well as the relationships you form with people inside those companies.

These types of sites aren’t super-easy to find, but once you find them, they can be really valuable!