How To: Track a Job If You Don’t Know The Name Of The Company?

David, a savvy job seeker and professional in the NY/NJ area, asks this question:

How do you track a job that only has a craigslist email address and nothing else to go in?

Let me rephrase the question:

If you don’t have a contact name, or know the name of the company, how do you keep track of that job?

This is the same question as:

If I’m working with a recruiter, where do I associate the job?  To the recruiter?  To the recruiter’s firm?

Here’s how I would do it:

You should know the name of the job title.  Enter that as a new Job, and don’t associate it with anyone or any company.  Put the job description in the NOTES section of the Job you are tracking, and create the Log Entries when you send a resume, apply, etc.

If you want, set up a Company record: Craigslist. Associate the job with that record, and you’ll always be able to track, in one view, the jobs that come through your Craigslist searches.

That’s it… pretty much. Track it until you can put in a company or contact name.

When working with a recruiter, I would put the recruiter in as a Contact record.  Associate all jobs with that recruiter.  I would NOT associate them with the recruiter’s firm.

Eventually you’ll learn the name of the company, and then you can go back to the Job page and associate that job with the new target company.