Relationship Management: Getting Multiple Contacts Into JibberJobber

Yesterday I did some research on a company that should acquire JibberJobber.  I’m not in talks with them, yet, but if it happens, I want to know who I’ll be talking to.

I went into LinkedIn and did a search on the company, narrowing it down to executive titles.  I opened up six LinkedIn Profiles that I want to keep track of.  I was going to put them all into JibberJobber today, one by one.  But then I thought it would be faster to import them. So I did 🙂

First, I created a very simple spreadsheet. Note the first row:

In the first row, each column starts with what I’m putting below.  First Name, Last Name, Title, etc.

Then, I saved it as a CSV.  That is critical!

Then, when I imported this very small spreadsheet, in the last column, I chose which company to associate them to from this dropdown:

And then, just to double-check, I went to the company page and they were all there… beautiful!

I could have taken extra time to hand-enter them into JibberJobber one-by-one, but instead I opted to create a simple spreadsheet and enter them all in at once.  Easy!

This is a premium feature.  $9.95/month