How to add a website to your Desktop (or, make a shortcut)

I have been asked how to make a shortcut on your desktop to JibberJobber.  You can do this with ANY website.

Step 1: Right click on your Desktop.  You’ll get a menu that pops up, one of the options should say NEW.

Step 2: mouse over New, and click on Shortcut.

Step 3: In the box that comes up, put the URL in (see how I put in the https://__________?  put the entire URL – like below).

Step 4: Name the shortcut.  This is what will show up on your desktop.

BONUS (if you use the Quick Launch in your Task Bar) – you can drag that shortcut down to your Task Bar… just click and drag to the Quick Launch area (this is me, dragging my JibberJobber icon to the Quick Launch area):

There you go, pretty easy…. Remember, you can do this with any website 🙂