Favorite Friday: Worst Job Search Advice Ever!

Last week in Minneapolis I was reminded of how descending speakers can be at job clubs.  I remembered an experience back in 2006 when I went to hear a speaker who was horrific!  I took 2 pages of notes and shared some of his crap on my blog.

After that happened, the people at the job club decided I was not allowed to come… because I slammed their degrading speaker.  They said “if Jason Alba comes back, you are to physically escort him out.”  LOL

Irony of ironies: a few years later, they enthusiastically welcomed me to speak there :p  They had apparently forgotten my miss-step.

Here’s the fun post… enjoy! This should make you laugh, maybe tear up, and shake your head, all that the same time 🙂

Oct 10, 2006: I’ve Never Heard Worse! (aka, Worst Job Search Advice)