JibberJobber (FIND a Job) meets JibberJobber (CREATE a Job/Company)

For years I have talked to tens of thousands of people about career management.

I honestly am not that bought into you finding your next job.  I’d like you to, and if you do, I celebrate with you.  But I’m not convinced it will be for the best, or be your last job, or that you won’t be unhappily unemployed again.

Nonetheless, I continue to design JibberJobber so that it can be a great tool to help you FIND your next job.  You can track:

  • the Contacts you meet, that you will network with to get into your Target Companies,
  • the Target Companies you want to get into, and how you are networking in,
  • the Jobs you apply to, and where you are at in the application process.

And much more (how you respond in interview or networking settings, your expenses, etc.).

Like me, some of you will choose a different career path.  Some of you will go out on your own and start your own business! Some will do it because you are sick and tired of the non-security that a “job” provides.

But some will do it for a bigger reason.  As Pam Slim calls it, some of you will have found, or recognize, or accept, your deeper root.  Read this post to understand what I’m talking about: The deeper root.  Pam is an expert at helping people “escape from cubicle nation,” and she ends the thought with this statement:

The power, strength and creativity that comes from (knowing your deeper root) will blow your mind.

I agree.  I found my deeper root.  And guess what? I use JibberJobber in my business to help me with:

  • the Contacts I meet and want to meet.  I network a lot, and that has been critical to the success of my business,
  • the Target Companies I want to network into – whether I am trying to sell them something or just establish a relationship and help them become referral sources,
  • the particular sales I’m working on, and where I’m at in the process.

I have a friend who has owned a successful business for about twenty years. He says “every day I wake up and I’m unemployed. I need to go and find some more work.”

This mentallity is what has kept him in business.  It’s different, sometimes scary, but sometimes exciting.

What’s best for you, a job or your own company?  I can’t answer that.  But I encourage you to search for your deeper root.

Whatever path you choose to take, I invite you to use JibberJobber as the tool to help you with your relationship management – it applies to either path.