Working with Recruiters

I saw a question on a LinkedIn Group about working with recruiters.

Job seekers continue to wonder how this relationship works, how to get value out of it, etc.

Here’s a post from Harriet Constable titled The Importance of Recruiters for Job-Seekers. I never had the benefits listed by Harriet, as the 30 or so recruiters I tried to network with were all busy trying to find inbox zero, or working with better candidates.  I was nothing more than another resume to them.

As job seekers we’re told we shouldn’t blast our resume out, so that employers could find it and take all the incentive away from a recruiter to promote us.  There is a conflict of interest there… they will promote us if they can get a commission from a placement, BUT if another recruiter submitted our resume, or if the hiring manager got our resume because of our networking efforts, the recruiter might feel slighted, and will not be able to get a commission if we are hired.  If they know our resume is all over the place, they lose incentive to ever work with, or promote, us.

If you ask me for advice on working with a recruiter, here it is: Pay $40 and get Nick Corcodilos‘ book: How to Work with Headhunters.

Nick is well-known in the industry for shooting straight from the hip and telling it like it is.

If you have ANY questions about how to work with recruiters, or you want to go to the next level, you MUST get his book.  It will be well-worth the $40…. OR, spend hours and hours asking unqualified people what they think… I’d say drop the $40 and get it from the expert.

(nope, I don’t get a penny out of Nick’s sales)