Killer Sales Resume Advice from Don Goodman

Don Goodman wrote an excellent post on how to write a better sales resume, titled Key Musts for a Sales Resume.

In his post he lists the following considerations:

  • Meet and/or Exceed Sales Quota
  • Your Rank Against Your Peers
  • Drive New Business
  • Strong Customer Retention and Account Penetration
  • Closing Rate
  • Awards
  • Training and Certifications
  • Highlight Your Relationships

For a more detailed explanation of each, read the full post here.

As a hiring manager who just hired a sales professional, I can vouch for these elements in a sales resume.

How do you set yourself apart?

Each profession has “things,” like what those listed above, you can list and jump apart from a pack of resumes that all look the same.

I want to know the sales professional I’m going to hire is awesome… that they have outperformed their peers, that they regularly hit their numbers, etc.

This is the language I want to see to let me know you are a professional salesperson, not just a dabbler.

Read Don’s full post here.