Favorite Friday: Job Search Rabbit Hole (are you chasing the wrong rabbit? Or, barking down the wrong hole?)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept in this post.

I started out the year with this post, because maybe it would become my theme for the year.  It has certainly been a major part of my message.

January 3, 3011: The Job Search Rabit Hole

The basic idea is this: I see too many people who are looking for that “traditional job,” but it might not exist.  Or, they might face too much discrimination to get it.  Yes, discrimination is alive and rampant.

So what if they are working really hard for something they’ll never get?

In this post I shared an analogy based on a hound chasing a rabbit down a rabbit hole.

But it gets confused and barks at the wrong hole.  For a long time.

Not productive at all.

Please go read this post.  Are you barking down the wrong hole?