When Should You Manage Relationships?

Last week I was talking to my cousin who had recently been laid off.

I said “You are on JibberJobber, right?”

He said, “no, not yet.”

He’s known about JibberJobber for years.

He never got on because he didn’t need it.

Many people (perhaps you?) don’t get on because they think they don’t need it, yet.

And then they get a surprise layoff notice, and start to look for fixes, bandaids.

The thing is, JibberJobber isn’t a bandaid.  It’s a tool that you use to manage relationships.

When you are in a job search you use it to organize your job search.

But before your job search you should start preparing for a transition, and make sure you are networking (or at least prepare to network).  You can do this with JibberJobber.

After you land your job you should… prepare for the next transition.

Continue to network, and keep using JibberJobber.

During your job search you turn it up, and really use it a lot.

But neglect your networking, and the stuff you do in JibberJobber, and when you get laid off you’ll probably spend a few weeks trying to ramp up.

Right now I’m thinking of some of my “power users” who practically use JibberJobber daily, whether they are employed or not.  Their unemployment periods are much less painful than it is for others because they prepare for it.  It is shorter, and more fun, and more purposeful, for many reasons, including that they have JibberJobber going at full steam!