Networking meetings for professionals in transition: GO!!

This week I wrote on the Career Resumes blog a post titled Go To That Network Meeting for the Unemployed!

I started with:

I remember the first time I “tried” to go to a networking meeting for people in transition.

Somehow, I didn’t make it there, and went home. At least I “tried.”

The second time I did the same… I “tried,” then went home.

I was embarrassed and nervous, and I really didn’t think I’d get any value out of going to that meeting.

The third time, fortunately, was a charm. I got there, went inside, introduced myself, and the rest was history.

I needed to be there. I really, really needed to be there. Why?

I learned that …

I learned at least three major things, which I put on the post.  I also linked to Job Hunt’s that helps you find your own local network meetings.

Read the entire post here. And for Pete’s sake, stop “trying” to go! Just go, and immerse yourself!!

2 thoughts on “Networking meetings for professionals in transition: GO!!”

  1. You touched on it in your post. I’ve often continued to go to these groups just for the emotional support and to get up, get dressed, and get out of the house. I’ve often had just one conversation with someone there that made going worth it!

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