How To: Export Contacts from LinkedIn, Import Contacts Into JibberJobber

A LinkedIn user would export from LinkedIn and import into JibberJobber because JibberJobber allows them to do stuff that LinkedIn doesn’t (think: a richer CRM than what LinkedIn offers, plus no worries about denying access to their account if you think they are spammers, or whatever).

A frequent question we get is how to export contacts out of LinkedIn, and get them into JibberJobber.

Click here to see THE POST on how to export contacts from LinkedIn.

Step 1 is to get your first degree contacts out of LinkedIn and into a CSV file.  This is pretty easy to do.

Step 2 is to clean (aka, scrub) the file and get rid of any junk before you import it.

Step 3 is to import into JibberJobber.

It’s a pretty easy process, even though there are a lot of steps… if you have any problems or questions, let us know!

1 thought on “How To: Export Contacts from LinkedIn, Import Contacts Into JibberJobber”

  1. Good post, Jason!

    I have found as well that sometimes the last name ends up in the first name field so that has to be cleaned as well. I have a couple of guys that seem to show up every time I do an upload if I am not careful, giving me multiples of that person. I try to catch it before I hit the upload button, but sometimes I miss it. It is a good irish name O’Leary is one of them the other O’Brien. I don’t know if that is on the LinkedIn end or on your end. (it could be a space thing between the O’ and the next letter)

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