JibberJobber Partner: Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes

I am going to (re)introduce my JibberJobber Partners to you, starting with Liz Handlin of Ultimate Resumes.  I met Liz a number of years ago and she was one of the first to sign up for the JibberJobber Partnership.

Liz is a delightful colleague, working out of Austin, Texas. She has a strong background in the financial space and gave me one of the keenest tips, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, as I was just starting my business.

Liz runs Ultimate Resumes, which focuses on helping mostly senior executives across many industries and located in many different countries.  Here are some things she says about her business:

Ultimate Resumes is targeted mostly to global senior executives across a wide variety of public and private sector industries including technology, finance, energy, law, accounting, and manufacturing.

My client base has grown to include global executives located in countries including Japan, Thailand, London, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, and the Middle East.

I have extensive experience working with military officers who are exiting the military and looking for their next gig.

I am not the least expensive resume service but I am the best because of my own breadth of business experience, my education (BA and MBA from the University of Chicago), and my experience in working with and learning from executives to develop resumes, bios, and board packages.

I have appreciated my relationship with Liz over the years – if you are looking for an executive resume writer who specializes in executives with a global reach (or military officers, or financial executives, etc.), check out Liz’s stuff:

Ultimate Resumes website

Ultimate Resumes blog

Liz Handlin on LinkedIn

Liz Handlin on Twitter

Wait! Did I mention she is an author of a resource I’ve cited here before?  Check out the Ultimate Book of Sample Thank You and Sympathy Notes – what I consider a MUST HAVE for someone who needs to send thank you notes! (yes, that would be ALL OF US!)