Speaking: Phoenix, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Vegas

I’m getting ready to get on the road again. I’m looking for opportunities to speak at job clubs or employment centers… if you have contacts or ideas, let me know.

Next week I’ll be in Phoenix presenting a few times.  Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Feb 8, in the morning, and Feb 10, in the evening.  Those are my two open presentations (details coming later).

In March I’ll be in Baltimore presenting a few times, I’m not sure if any of them are open or will have room.  I’ll be there from March 14 – 16, and then fly that night to Boston (!!) and do presentations Thursday, Friday and maybe Saturday (March 17-19).

In April I’ll be in Vegas at a conference… I hope to find at least three job clubs I could present at. (the week of April 4th)

The next week (April 11 – ?) I’ll be in the Los Angeles area presenting to university career center directors and I’m looking for some job clubs to open their doors to me.

All details will be posted on the blog… like I said, if you have leads or ideas, let me know!  And mark your calendar!