Today’s Online Job Search & the Internet Coma

I got an email from Carol, in Maryland, that said “What I feel Like after working on my laptop looking for a job!”

She linked it to the Urban Dictionary definition for internet coma:

When you are sitting on your couch, feet up on the coffee table, laptop on your lap. 4-10 hours later you are in an entirely prone position with your legs off the edge of the coffee table and your head on the seat cushion. You become completely unresponsive to your surroundings.

Loss of peripheral vision, amnesia, severely reduced motor function ability, and drooling with one eye closed are common symptoms.

I got online this morning to check my email and mess around on facebook for a bit. Next thing I know it’s 7pm, my legs are totally numb, and I have this nasty trail of dried drool down my chin. That internet coma completely ruined my day!

Pretty funny! ¬†Hopefully I don’t have too many readers of this blog who spend enough time in an online job search to get to an internet coma! ¬†(hint: get away from the computer and network offline!)