JibberJobber Testimonial: “I will continue using JibberJobber…”

Last week I got this fantabulous message from a JibberJobber user. I really appreciate the time people spend to share this type of feedback. This was out-of-the-blue, unsolicited.

Hi, I just wanted to thank the JibberJobber staff for helping me stay organized during my latest job search. I had been unemployed at other times in my life and it was much easier to stay organized this time with JibberJobber at my disposal. I found hunting for a job to be less grueling as I was able to organize contacts and companies online, instead of using paper and pen as I had previously been doing. I received a wonderful offer Friday from one of the contacts I had stored in my JibberJobber account, and I credit your service with helping me stay organized enough to find employment.

I will continue using JibberJobber for storing information about companies and contacts. This way if or when the time comes when I need to look for work again, I will be able to use previously established contacts to shorten that job search.

Thank you again for offering this great service. I will continue recommending JibberJobber to others who are looking for work.

– Melissa C.

Thank you Melissa!  What a great story to share with me and my team – we LOVE to read this stuff!

Also, congratulations for “getting it.”  You say “when I need to look for work again.”  That time will come and your preparation now will help make the transition much smoother than it would otherwise be!