Get. It. Done.

bootstrap_business_coverI just read one of my newly favorite business books called Bootstrap Business.  It really was quite brilliant – even though it was longer than I normally read it was full of a lot of meat: advice, stories, case studies, practical ideas, etc.

Highly recommended. Get Bootstrap Business here (amazon affiliate link).

One thing that I’m almost positive I read in there (I read about 4 books at a time and might have gotten mixed up) was how to make sure you are getting things done.

Not just being busy, but actually moving forward in a strategic, methodical way.

Rich Christiansen suggested you simply make two lists… one of IMPORTANT things you need to do today and one of URGENT things you need to do today.

Then, make sure you do the IMPORTANT things.

Brilliant, really.

The URGENT things will be done, I promise.  They have to get done.

Don’t the IMPORTANT things tend to get pushed aside and delayed? But if you focus, every day, on making sure that IMPORTANT things are getting done then you are moving forward.

Thanks Rich, for one tiny tidbit that has already had a significant impact on my business!