I’m Back In Town!

The LinkedIn for Executives webinar is THIS WEEK (Wednesday)… details at Experts-Connection. It’s going to be awesome… seriously.

Last week I packed up my family (7 of us in a van) and we went on a special campout where we pulled handcarts to reenact a tiny part of the Oregon/California trail. This is the trail and area were pioneers who settled Utah and seekers or gold and adventure traveled in the 1800s. It was a terrific experience, even though we cut our last night short (instead of staying at a KOA campground we decided to just get home and shower and sleep in a real bed – 3 nights was enough :)).

Anyway, I’m back and busy catching up on emails and writing… pictures and stories of the trip will be on my Jason Alba blog in the next week or two.

(I didn’t announce this trip earlier since the house was going to be empty for days … something about bad guys looking for vacation announcements on Twitter, ya know?!?)