LinkedIn for Job Search (DVD)

A few weeks ago I started shipping the second edition of the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD.

order_now_linkedin_dvdI gotta tell you, humbly, that this $49.95 LinkedIn DVD is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

It is 3 solid hours of webinar-like instruction.  This is not talking-head stuff – you literally watch over my shoulder (you watch my screen) as I go over LinkedIn and show you, as a job seeker, how to use LinkedIn.

The funny thing is this is not just for job seekers (unless you believe we are ALL job seekers).  If you want to learn how to optimize LinkedIn, doesn’t a three hour webinar make sense?

The DVD is broken up into 22 different segments/chapters so you don’t have to digest 3 hours of content in one sitting.  Here’s the breakdown (the length is minutes:seconds):

0 Introduction to LinkedIn for Job Seekers (length: 5:46) – lays the foundation for using LinkedIn in a job search.  Principles can be applied to using Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1 Home Page (length: 9:53) – there are many opportunities to connect with your contacts but it’s hard to know who and when and why.  On the home page you can find the answers to all of those. Also a discussion on the LinkedIn status and more.

2 Profile: Above the Fold (length: 22:21) – the longest video… there is just too much to talk about here and have it shorter. Optimize your Profile so people find you and your personal brand drips off of the monitor.  Many, many people miss opportunities on this part of LinkedIn.

3 Profile: Summary (length: 7:52) – how long should your LinkedIn Summary be? What should it include?  This segment goes beyond “put in all your keywords” to help you create a Summary that will be read and will help solidify your personal brand.

order_now_linkedin_dvdThat’s more than 45 minutes already… that alone is worth the price… but there is SO MUCH MORE!

4 Profile: Below the Fold (length: 9:34) – after the summary your Profile still goes on – what do you need to care about?  How do you make sure the rest of the LinkedIn Profile helps you get found and your brand shines through?  What Groups do you show (hint: not all of them!)?

5 Profile: Applications (length 6:11) – what are LinkedIn Applications and how do you decide which ones to use (and which ones to avoid)?  There’s great opportunity here to strengthen your LinkedIn Profile OR muddy up your brand and distract the reader.

6 Profile: Add a Video (length 4:00) – Have you seen videos that play right on someone’s LinkedIn Profile?  It’s really cool, and it’s fairly easy to add a video to your Profile.  This is NOT for everyone, but if you find (or create) a video that strengthens your brand you should consider adding it to your Profile!

order_now_linkedin_dvdWe’re just getting started – that’s an hour of solid content, most of which geared to help you be found (mostly passive strategy so far)… there’s 2 hours left, though!)

Companies (9:13) – a relatively new feature in LinkedIn, there is GOLD in the Companies feature.  This section helps you figure out WHO to contact and gives you a reason (talking points) to contact them… it’s very, very powerful.  If you aren’t using this feature you are missing out.

Groups (19:28) – the second longest segment… this is not a new section in LinkedIn but the features have become more robust.  Learn the ins-and-outs of LinkedIn Groups, what to do, what to avoid, and how to get value out of joining relevant Groups.

Jobs (6:47) – think you should avoid job boards in your job search? Think again!  Don’t necessarily apply to all jobs you think you qualify for on job boards but use them as a tool.  The LinkedIn job board has features that no other job board does – learn why you should spend some of your online job search time here.

10 Advanced People Search (8:25) – I ignored the people search, and the advanced people search for too long, but one of the value props of LinkedIn is FINDING PEOPLE.  Use this powerful search tool to find contacts that you should network with or reach out to.  Need to do informational interviews?  Find the right people in your target companies using this search page.  There’s more than meets the eye here.

11 Communicating with Others (7:01) – Whether you reach out to someone with a LinkedIn Invitation, an InMail or a LinkedIn Introduction, there are certain things you should include in your communication.  Develop a message that is read and replied to, not just ignored or questioned as spam.  Don’t blow your chance to create a solid relationship.

12 Recommendations (4:09) – Do you need to get Recommendations? What do you do with them after you have them?  How do you get them? How do you give a solid Recommendation?  Find out in this segment.

order_now_linkedin_dvdWe’re up to TWO SOLID HOURS of content.  By this time you are getting proficient at LinkedIn and really understand how it fits into your overall social strategy.  It’s not about wasting time online, it’s about leveraging these tools to work for you!

13 Answers: Asking Questions (11:48) – Asking questions is one of the most powerful proactive tactics you can employ in LinkedIn.  Why?  It shares your brand and helps grow your network.  It can help you nurture individual relationships.  This segment shows you how, why, and what to do to make sure you don’t waste your efforts on LinkedIn Answers.

14 Answers: Answering Questions (11:00) – The other part of LinkedIn Answers is simply answering questions.  In this segment we talk about what questions you should answer, how to answer them so your brand and expertise comes across strong, and where the major tie-in with your LinkedIn Profile is.

15 Manage your Settings (7:47) – if you get too much email from LinkedIn (and your Connections) you need to watch this section.  Also, privacy considerations and some critical information to ensure your LinkedIn Profile is yours forever (not your boss’s).

16 Browse Connections (3:43) – Learn how to find other key contacts based on who your Contacts know.  This is a very powerful part of LinkedIn and is worth spending time on on a regular basis.

17 BONUS Now, 10 Things to Do (1:57) – overwhelmed?  Me too!  But here are 10 things to do right now… This section was designed to help ensure you take action, and I help you know where to start.  Short segment but it might be the thing to get you to the next level.

18 BONUS 20 Questions (12:02) – this was FUN – a rapid-fire format of questions and answers … how to, why, etc.  These are 20 questions I hear all the time, with my responses.

19 BONUS Export Contacts (2:38) – I am a strong advocate of exporting your Contacts regularly – here’s how to do it (don’t miss the next two segments).

20 BONUS Cleaning the Export (7:35) – once you export your Contacts you end up with a csv file that is …. in need of cleaning.  There are unused columns and junk data – I show you how to clean up your data so you can use it later.

21 BONUS Importing into JibberJobber (5:14) – one thing to do with your Contacts is to put them into a useable CRM system (like JibberJobber).  I show you how to do it with JibberJobber but much of what I show you here could be helpful if you are importing into Salesforce, ACT!, etc.

order_now_linkedin_dvdWOW… seriously, 3 hours. The disk sells for 49.95.  I should sell it for over $100 but hey, this is for unemployed people, and $50 is enough, don’t you think?

Tell me it’s not worth the $50… go on, tell me.  I have hundreds and hundreds of people who have told me otherwise… what are you waiting for, order it today.

You can also bundle other stuff with this order, more info here.order_now_linkedin_dvd

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