College Graduate Job Seeker Toolkit: 10 Job Seeker Tools

ford_myersI recently got an email for Ford Myers‘ book titled Get the Job You Want Even When No One’s Hiring… he listed 10 things every new college graduate should have as part of their job search toolkit.

I tried to find the list posted on his website but I couldn’t find it – perhaps he’ll make it a blog post I can link to later (I didn’t look too hard). Since he doesn’t have it published I’m going to assume that he doesn’t want it to be public knowledge yet.

However, I’ll share his 9th point right now:

9. Tracking System. Keep a detailed record of your job search activities, including phone calls, meeting notes and correspondence. This is essential to keeping your process organized and productive.

What is a job search tracking system?  Is it important?  Is it critical?  What does it track, and how does it work?

Ford says it is to keep a DETAILED RECORD… ouch.  That is tough.  How many of you keep a detailed record of your checking account, or detailed records of any other important stuff?  I’m bad at that, and switching into DETAILED RECORD mode for my job search was not easy.

Ford says you keep this record of phone calls, meeting notes and correspondence.  This is TEDIOUS.  Do you record everything? No… you’ll get a sense for what’s important to record as your job search goes on … but when in doubt, record it.  You don’t want to regret it later.

Ford says a job search tracking system is ESSENTIAL to keeping your process organized and productive.  In my experience, it’s also essential to give you peace of mind in your job search, make you more competitive and effective as a job seeker, etc.

What he doesn’t mention is this: in your job search you will come across and create immense amounts of data.  Networking contacts, target companies and jobs you apply to; dates; contact info; follow-up notes, notes of commucations with contacts…. there is SO MUCH to keep track of.

You aren’t keeping track of it because you are all-of-the-sudden obsessive-compulsive and like to record everything you can.  You are keeping track of it because if you don’t you’ll find yourself drowning within weeks of starting your job search.  You’ll miss appointments, you’ll be unprepared for conversations (interview, networking, etc.), and you’ll miss opportunities.

This job search tracking system idea is essential and critical.


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