LinkedIn DVD: Differences in the 1st and 2nd Editions

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The second edition of the LinkedIn DVD is in editing right now. I hope to take it to a conference in three weeks (crossing fingers!), as well as ship out all of the DVDs that have been preordered.  I regularly am asked “what’s the difference between the first edition and the second edition?”  Here are my thoughts on that:

LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the first edition:

This was my first DVD.  Awesome DVD with about 2 hours of webinar-like instruction on getting value out of LinkedIn.  There are 17 chapters/sections, my favorites are the 2 where I critique 5 professionals’ LinkedIn Profiles.  I also talk about tactics and strategies with LinkedIn Answers, communicating with others, finding key contacts, etc.

Definitely valuable instruction and training.

LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the second edition:

After speaking more than 100 times about LinkedIn, to marketing departments, CEOs and job seekers, and learning from other LinkedIn fanatics, I have learned more stuff.  In this second edition I go into more breadth and more depth on a number of different areas of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Applications is different than it was a year ago, and I go into more detail there. I show you, step-by-step, how to put a real video on your LinkedIn Profile.

There is significantly more content on LinkedIn, strategies and tactics, than on the first edition.

I have two new sections, one is a review of 10 actionable things to DO RIGHT NOW (or, do regularly) now that you have watched the DVD.

Another section is 20 questions, where I go through 20 questions I hear regularly (not necessarily “frequently asked questions”) and answer them.

Both of these questions where fun to do 🙂

If you thought the first edition was good, you’ll think the second edition is awesome.

Oh yeah, I had to do this second edition because LinkedIn changed the interface enough that I had to redo it… so aside from the content, the layout of LinkedIn was a factor.

I’m not sure how long this edition is but I think it’s long enough that it won’t fit on one normal DVD.

You can preorder the LinkedIn DVD, and bundle it with other stuff, for just a few more weeks… then we’ll go up to the normal price.  Order now for a significant savings.

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