JibberJobber Software Development: The Little Things

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We take great pride in our little software system that has provided hope and power to thousands of job seekers. Sometimes we have great big releases and add significant features for you, other times they are very small features that further polish the software and enhance your experience.

We strive to give YOU a tool to empower you, put you in more control of your job search (face it, in a job search you feel quite out of control), and make you feel like a first class citizen even when everyone treats you as a third class citizen.

Today I’ll share one of the polish-features we just introduced.  It’s an enhancement to what I announced in December… now you can easily search for an image of a contact or company with Google Image Search.  Here’s how:

On a Company or Contact detail page, find the image place (it’s right under the name, like in this picture – we’ll replace this picture of Miss Piggy with a new one):

Mouse over the image (whether you have an image or not, there is a place where the image goes)to see the add/edit/delete buttons.  Simply click on the “G” icon to open a Google Image Search.

image upload - mouse over image

*note: the images are: (1) upload from your computer, (2) upload from a URL, (3) NEW: search and upload from Google Images, (4) delete image.

In the shadow box, look for the image that you want and click on it.

Google Images: look for the right image

Once you click on the image it automatically sends that image to JibberJobber and puts it on that record.

google images: updated image

Simple enhancement?  Yes… it’s a little simple something to empower you even more.

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