Giveaway: How To Work With Headhunters

I’m about done recording the video for LinkedIn for Job Seekers, the second edition.  This DVD is more updated and more awesome – preorder it here.

The winner of last week’s contest is … drum roll…. Shane Smith.  Others had ideas for job seekers using a job board, but the question was what job boards should do differently.  Runner up is founder Abhijeet.

Nick_corcodilosThis week answer this question and win the fantastic book by Ask The Headhunter Nick Corcodilos titled “How to Work with Headhunters.”  Nick’s work is fantastic and this book is invaluable.

Share a story – good or bad, funny or sad – about working with a headhunter or recruiter.  One that makes you cringe or smile or something – I want to get shocked or moved.

ANSWER ON THIS BLOG – not on Twitter, or Facebook, etc.

Want a taste of the book?  Click here for a snippet.