When Recruiters Eliminate You

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barry_at_impactBarry Deutsch, from Impact Hiring Solutions, writes one of the best blogs for job seekers I’ve seen.  You can follow him on Twitter (@Barry_at_IMPACT).

He recently wrote The Best Recruiters Eliminate YOU With their First Question, which is a must-read if you are (or want to) work with recruiters.

It is a long post but it is an eye-opener.  What I’m taking away from the post is:

The recruiter is not your BFF.  No matter how nice they are, they are not to be dumped on. Don’t let your hair down, don’t be overly casual with them.

When they talk with you, they are working (they are on the clock).  They are evaluating you.  Are you someone they can confidently take to their employer?  Will you embarras them?  Are you the best candidate they can find?

All of this is determined in your communications with them – make sure all of your impressions, not just your first, are strong.

Go check out Barry’s post.