Upgrades to JibberJobber from Last Week

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We recently got feedback from our survey of user requests, and then met as a team to discuss, prioritize and assign work orders.  We were all jazzed to plan out the first part of 2010 and make JibberJobber more intuitive and more powerful.  There is a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline, and no suggestions where ignored.

Here are some updates we released last week (did you notice any of them?):

  • icalendar: you can now export your entire list of log entries and action items to a iCalendar format, which you’d then import to Google Calendar, Outlook, your Mac, or whatever you are using. You can also export things one at a time.
  • Merge option for companies: we had this for contacts for a while, and somehow overlooked doing it for companies — oops!
  • Title change on List Panel pages: I talk about “List Panels” but nowhere on the site could you see “list panel” in a page. So we made this very simple name change, and now when you are on a List Panel page you’ll know it. A little design consistency to help make the training more intuitive.
  • “Referred by” column now on Contact List Panel: Referred By is one of the most powerful things in JibberJobber… and now you can see the column on your Network Contacts List Panel.
  • Events 2.0: still needs some work (I sent 1.5 pages of changes to the developer), but this is awesome – allows you to add your own local network opportunities so all JibberJobber users can see them. I’ll talk about this more after more development is done, but you can go add your own events now (or look at what other users have added).
  • New fields on contact form: preffix, suffix: I debated taking this out but after we released it I got an email from a user who works in an industry where this is critical… the email was a huge YIPPEE – so we leave it in 🙂
  • Ability to print the Log Entries and Action Items Report: this is a busy report, and now it’s printer friendly.
  • Ability to delete a Networking Relationship Goal: This is a cool feature, even though I hardly talk about it. Anyway, if you use it, you can now DELETE these goals 🙂

There were also some minor bug fixes, as well as some nomenclature (wording) changes around the site.