Sending Emails With JibberJobber

Many people ask how to send emails with/through JibberJobber.

It is important to understand that we are neither an email client (like Outlook, your Gmail page, etc.) or an email server (the system that processes emails – gmail, yahoo, hotmail, or a corporate email server).

Also, there are various services that allow you to send emails to many people (think: newsletters) such as Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp, etc.  We don’t do that either – those companies invest mega bucks to ensure they are as compliant as they can be with current email policies (laws).  It’s messy, hairy stuff.

However, we can do various things.  Here’s my response to someone who recently asked how to send emails from JibberJobber:

“Just to clarify, JibberJobber is not sending the emails. We’ve found we get into trouble if we send too many emails (people flag us as spammers, which hurts all users). When you do what Liz suggests below (go to the Network List Panel, click multiple users, then click the Send Email icon (for premium users)), you are simply putting the addresses into the email client you are currently using – this could be outlook, gmail, etc. Whatever your computer recognizes as the default email client.

You can also do that from the List Panel – one of the columns you can show is the Email Address, and it can be hyperlinked to bring up the email client also (this is one at a time, compared to what Liz suggested). To show the column, if it isn’t showing, click Manage Columns. To make it hyperlink (if it isn’t), go to My Account, Preferences, and you’ll see a checkbox to turn on (one-by-one is a free feature).

My favorite way of doing this is with Get Contact List (premium feature – I see you are a Premium user). There is a video on how to use this on this page: (the first video is how to use it, the third is awesome).”

There you go…

Will we ever send emails FROM JibberJobber?

I doubt it… it is too easy to get into hot water with spam blacklists – it just takes one idiot who flags an email from JibberJobber as spam – whether it was by accident or because they forgot they signed up for a newsletter, or someone who was invited to JibberJobber from another user – and then every user is penalized.  I don’t want you to miss your Action Item reminders just because of all of the spam issues.