Free Job Search Teleseminar

I just got information from my JibberJobber Partner, Beverly Harvey, about a telesminar she is hosting on Friday called “How To Conduct a Highly Successful Job Acquisition Campaign and Land Your Next Position ASAP

The call is this Friday, Dec 18, at 1pm EST.  She says you’ll learn:

  • Why the job acquisition techniques you used a few years ago aren’t working
  • What decision makers and recruiters are really looking for
  • Why you may not be getting called for interviews
  • Why you can’t take any short cuts when it comes to your job acquisition campaign
  • Why you need a well-though-out strategy, plan and system
  • Why you must treat a job acquisition campaign like a marketing campaign
  • Why a haphazard, trial-and-error approach won’t work in today’s market

You can register here (affiliate link – she’s introducing her Platinum Job Acquisition Progam on that call).

A little about Beverly: I have met Beverly a number of times at career conferences and have found her to be well-respected, and in fact she is involved in coaching and training job search coaches.  She is definitely current on job search (or, as she says, acquisition) strategies and techniques, and passionate about helping professionals move on.  Her reputation alone is well worth your time on her call on Friday…!