Veterans Day & Veterans in the Job Search

Earlier this year I was with my daughter in Washington D.C. and got to visit the amazing National World War II Memorial.  This is my new favorite monument/memorial in D.C. (it wasn’t there when I lived there).  Walking around the memorial was a sobering, almost spiritual experience.

One of the most touching points was when I happened upon a few WWII veterans who had some WWII memorabilia on (you know those hats, with pins, sweatshirts, etc.).  Many of them were in wheelchairs, I assume due to old age.  They were there to remember, feel, pay respects, etc.  I got choked up – it’s easy for us to see a bunch of old men and women who are there to see what Uncle Sam has put up for them, but when you think about the hardships they may have gone through – fox holes, seeing their buddies die in front of them (or in their arms), having to come to grips with killing others who may also have been husbands or wives, or mommy’s or daddy’s.

I appreciate Veteran’s Day as a day we can pause and think about and respect these warriors – people who fought for freedom and liberty.

You may already know about my special offer for military coming out deployment or transitioning out of the military.  You can learn more at JibberJobber USA.  This is just a little something we can do for those who are serving their country.

batteries_not_includedHere’s another special offer from my buddy Thom Singer – from his blog post Honoring a Soldier’s Service, Thom says he is sending a copy of this book “Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips To Energize Your Career” to the first 100 active U.S. military or veterans who email him – the publisher pays for all S&H costs so it’s just a simple email to

It is as simple as that… if you have a friend this applies to let them know about it.