Job Interviews: How To Nail (or Fail) Them

Jacob Share’s Job Mob blog is one of the few I subscribe to via email – always something interesting there.  Last week he wrote The Funniest Article Ever About Job Interviewing Tips, which includes an exclusive interview with a guy who created a fake office and did fake interviews, taping them and then compiling information on how to nail the interview.  Check out Jacob Share’s interview with Steinar Skipness here.

Steinar Skipness’s site is worth the time, and should bring a smile to your Monday morning – click on over to How To Nail An Interview – not only does he have 20 tips there, but he has some clips from interviews to drive the points home.  Check out the video from Tip 14, Less is More:

None of this stuff is new, but to see the mistakes on video is really fun 🙂