LinkedIn for Executives – 90 Minutes!

On September 23rd at 1pm MST (4pm EST) I’ll be doing a special 90 minute webinar called LinkedIn Essentials for Executives.

I’m really jazzed about this webinar because I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in the last couple of years.  I’ve done this type of webinar before, even for Experts Connection, but this time I get the entire 90 minutes just for LinkedIn – and to focus on executives!

The price is $50 if you are a Netshare member and $60 if you are not.  The description on the Experts Connection page is just a portion of what we are going to go over… with 90 minutes I get to dig down deeper.

HOWEVER, rest assured this is not going to be a tour of LinkedIn and it’s features.  I am approaching it from an executive perspective:

  • what do executives need to know (and what can they ignore) on LinkedIn?
  • what do executives need to do (and what can they ignore) on LinkedIn?

This will be packed, informative, and valuable…!  If you want to jump on, click here to register.

Other places to look for LinkedIn Help include my LinkedIn blog, my book on LinkedIn (I’m on LinkedIn — Now What???) and my LinkedIn DVD: LinkedIn for Job Seekers.