Twitter for Job Seekers

I can’t believe I missed THREE days of blogging!  This surgery-recovery thing is kicking my butt.  I was also pretty preoccupied with a new presentation I was putting together for masters level students at universities. I delivered it yesterday … I was nervous since I haven’t spoken for a while AND I knew I wanted to do a NEW presentation – it took a long time for me to figure out just what I wanted to do.  But I think I now have something I can use at other universities – especially as a presentation to kick off the school year.

One of my projects is to create new training on using tools I talk about for professionals.  In the title of this blog post I say “Twitter for JOB SEEKERS” – by now you should know that I think we are all job seekers.  My audience for this new webinar is professionals (including executives) in transition, or professionals who want to do Career Management better.

That would be YOU.

This webinar was one hour and twenty three minutes!  I couldn’t believe I got that much content in something so seemingly simple – but I talk about:

  • how Twitter fits into an overall social strategy
  • basics of Twitter, including RT, @, hashtags, etc.
  • How to use Twitter as a personal branding tool
  • How to use Twitter as a networking tool
  • Tools that tap into Twitter that are powerful – including one MUST USE site, whether you use Twitter or not
  • and some other miscellaneous alba-isms (come on, you gotta love the alba-isms :p)

The good news is I’m done with the recording.  The bad news is it is not ready for you to view yet – it should be available shortly… we’re working on a system that will allow you to watch this recording as a streaming video – I hope that it is up and ready next week.  Watch the blog for when it’s ready.