JibberJobber, the Personal CRM, in a Poem (!!)

It’s not every day your product gets mentioned in a poem, that is in a published book!  Check out what very-clever John Steensen wrote (the part about JibberJobber is in bold green).  You can get his book of 32 poems, all based on technology, from this page.

Google the Elephant

I posted my resume on Monster last year,
I got very few hits, no help for my career.
So I freshened it up and got on LinkedIn,
It would surely raise me above the awful din.

But alas, I was mistaken, for no hits were to follow,
My career plans were looking a little bit hollow.
I thought “I’ll start over” and erased all the words,
I’ll do something quite different – I’ll stray from the herds.

I’ll create a new “Me” – one no employer can resist,
A resume that says “read me first, I insist”.
I’ll heed the advice of social networking gurus,
I’ll weave in hot topics still fresh in the news.

My new resume screamed “hire me this minute”,
Your company cannot succeed unless I am in it.
I may have stretched my qualifications a bit,
But within a few moments I got my first hit.

So I posted it widely on every job board and
Into JibberJobber each day I dutifully recorded,
My interviews, follow-ups and each telephone call,
I didn’t miss one – I recorded them all.

Things were looking up nicely, I was suddenly in demand,
I gave my own back a pat with my hand.
For I had created a most perfect candidate,
Into dozens of jobs, it was clear I would fit.

But suddenly the hits screeched to a halt,
The recruiters stopped calling, what could be the fault?
What evil had happened to stifle my quest,
For the perfect job letting me be my best.

I found out too quickly my old resume,
Had leapt to the surface, much to my dismay.
You load up your odds but you’ll lose all your bets
For just like an elephant, Google never forgets.

Copyright 2009 by John Steensen

I love what he’s doing… combining a passion with wit… great way to showcase his personality and ability and creativity.  From his book page (where you can buy the Technoprose book):

Although I’ve written poetry my entire life the efforts have always been directed at a particular special occasion – a birthday, a graduation, a wedding. One day in the fall of 2008, after a particularly engaging conversation with my daughter over the amount of time she was spending on her Nintendo DS, I was inspired to capture my impressions of this encounter in the form of the poem. My wife still insists it was an attempt at self-therapy. I realized that, because my life had been immersed in technology, the verses flowed almost effortlessly. It grew from there. Here is a collection of 32 poems that try to capture the diversity of experience that technology brings into our lives. Many are humorous, some are downright geeky, but all are inspired, for better or worse, by real-world events in both my life and the lives of my family and friends.

John, great job, and thanks for giving props to JibberJobber!