Quick Save on Add Contact

Not sure how I missed this one, I knew it was coming… but I didn’t write about it in my last “JibberJobber News” post…

For years we’ve been asked to put a Save button at the top of the screen of the add contact, since you have to scroll down about three pages to find it (which is no fun if you only have a name and email address to enter).

We finally put the button here:

When you hit Quick Save it will save the record and take you directly to the List Panel page.

If you don’t want to go there, then go to the bottom of the Add/Edit Contact page and choose where you want to go…

Also, this is one reason why my List Panel is ordered by who I put in the system last – I always see my most current entries at the top of the List Panel.

Yeah, we know – JibberJobber users are celebrating this around the world (last I checked we had signups from over 100 countries).