Career Training Resource Spotlight: Cube Rules

You may remember a post I did a while back about Scot Herrick, creator of Cube Rules.  It was titled Surviving Layoffs – when you aren’t laid-off!… Scot and his wife got laid off THE SAME DAY, along with a ton of other people, from a bank corporate headquarters up in Seattle.

Scot had been working on Cube Rules in his spare time, and getting laid off allowed him to dedicate his entire energy and focus into this service/venture.  I had dinner with Scot and his wife (who is a Personal Branding Monthly Winner) and was super-impressed with both of them – and that’s after at least a year of an online relationship!

Scot talks to the “Cubicle Warrior,” that is, the person who has a job, likely at a large company.  There are so many things to understand and navigate in the cubicle world, and Scot is the guy to help you navigate them. On the right side of you’ll see things such as:

I partner with a bunch of career coaches, job search coaches, resume writers, and other professionals who help you land your job, but if you are interested in navigating the cubicle maze, and being an awesome cubicle warrior, I strongly encourage you to sign up in Scot’s Career Training system.  Click the image below to learn more, or at least start following his blog.