BlogTalkRadio for Job Seekers – Tips For Job Search In A Tight Economy

Today I am honored to have Susan Whitcomb join me for our BlogTalkRadio show.  It’s TODAY at 12:15 EST (15 minutes later than normal), and you can listen on your PC or we can take a few callers (last time I didn’t get to any callers, sorry).  Here’s the info to get on the call (or hear the archive):

To listen live through your computer, just go here at 12:15 EST: (you can also here past episodes there)

To call in and ask Susan question, call: (718) 766-4825

I’m thrilled to have Susan Whitcomb join us today.  I met her at a conference last year and see here at about every conference I go to. Aside from being a successful author, she runs the Career Coach Academy… she trains career coaches!  She is the one who teaches them systems, techniques, skills, etc. to help YOU find a job faster, or find the right job for you.

She recently shared a list of twelve tips for job hunting in a tight economy.  I can pontificate all day long about how to conduct a job search, but let’s face it: when I was in my (failed) job search, it was a “job seeker’s market,” and I still couldn’t get a job!  I think it’s great we get to hear from a career veteran on how to go through a job hunt in this not-so-fun economy.

Susan is a JibberJobber Career Expert Partner – if you can, join us live.  Otherwise, you can always download the interview (along with all other interviews) at the BlogTalkRadio JibberJobber page!

Next week we’ll talk with Karen Katz, of Career Acceleration, about Transferable Skills and the National Interview… she’s done a lot of thinking about the current election and has some brilliant ideas on what we, as job seekers and career managers, can apply to our own careers.

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