Help Me Out – What’s Great and What’s Rotten?

of course... this is the best, right?I’m preparing for a presentation on virtual job search and career management tools.  These might include specific job boards, other other sites.  I have some ideas on what some great online tools are (the image on the right **is** subliminal messaging ;), but I’d like to hear from YOU what you think is GREAT, and what is ROTTEN. 

This survey is just one page, where you put in two greats and, if you want, two rottens.  Now’s the time to praise or vent… please click here (or click on the monkey below) and let me know which online tools you love and which you loathe!

click here to start the survey!


This post is brought to you by Valerie Pendergrass, Greatness Guru and founder of The Next Step Coaching & Consulting.  Valerie understands that greatness is borne of honoring an authentic self and bringing ones inner gifts to the surface. She works primarily with those in career crisis and/or at a career crossroads and specializes in aligning inner being with external objectives.  Valerie supports her clients to Aim high, Achieve High and Not Settle because life is too short to just have a j.o.b.  Valerie is a JibberJobber Career Expert Partner.