Your Job Sucks – Get Out Before You Get Kicked Out

Getting the boot (or, you can choose to be more proactive about it)Two years ago today I was still reeling from the news of being laid off. I’ve said many times that I saw the writing on the wall. Interesting concept, as the writing didn’t just say, “you are going to be kicked out of here eventually.” It said other things.

Ultimate Resume's Liz HandlinLiz Handlin, of Ultimate Resumes (and a JibberJobber partner), recently wrote a blog post with some of the things I saw written on this imaginary but oh-so-real wall. Her post is called How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job? and has seven warning signs with her thoughts and anecdotes.

A couple years ago (plus a month or two) I would have read that and thought how applicable it was… for someone else.

And then I got the boot, and I was the “someone else.”

No amount of loyalty, extra hours, big contracts, and rainmaking ensures you will get to keep your job.


Go check out Liz’s post. If any of these seven points sound familiar at all then your current status may be in jeapordy. I suggest you get proactive before you have to be reactive.

The first thing to do is sign into JibberJobber and start listing fifty people that are in your network. This is one of the first steps to do when you are reactive, might as well do it while you can still be proactive.