Personal Branding Summit Podcasts Available (free)!

I am a few days late on announcing this, but the personal branding summit recordings are now available in iTunes, or MP3 recordings right from this page.

I have not listened to all of them, but plan on listening this week. I’m anxious to hear some of my friends as well as some of the celebrities that participated. I heard the panel with Guy Kawasaki, Krishna De, Tim DeMello, John Jantsch and Andy Sernovitz was awesome, as was the call with career and workplace expert Anita Bruzzesse. One that I really enjoyed, as a business owner (definitely applicable to career management) was Promoting Brand You with Viral Marketing on the Web with David Meerman Scott. I can’t play favorites yet… if you heard any of them (or listen to the recordings) I’d love to get your feedback.

Also, for those interested in (a) hearing my voice, or (b) hearing me babble on 😉 you can listen to my recording: Use Personal Branding to Take Your Job Search from Zero to 60 (links to the MP3). I was really nervous going into this call but felt pretty good about it after I was done.

Finally, right after my call I was the interviewer with friend and relationship geek Phil Gerbyshak: Identity You: Creating a Personal 5×5 Branding Strategy (links to the MP3).

This 24 hour series was incredible, unbelievable, awesome, packed full of cool stuff – if you have any interest in managing your own career, job security, or having quicker success in your next job transition, I highly recommend spending some time to check out these free recordings.