Fall Special – Buy One Get One Free

Buy one get one free - buy two get two freeThrough Monday night (Nov 19th) we are giving you an an extra year if you buy one year of premium JibberJobber. If you buy two years, you get two extra years. If you are already a premium member this will simply be added onto your current premium upgrade. Note that this brings the monthly price down below $5! But it’s just good through Monday night!

A few noteworthy changes:

  1. The pricing on one year changed from $105 to $99. Gotta be something about the psychology of buying something for less than $100, right?
  2. We added the ability to upgrade for three or six months. Since many people think “I’ll be in a job search for just three (or six) months” this should help in the “should I upgrade” decision.
  3. We finally give you the ability to get a subscription (monthly, or any of the other time periods) without using PayPal. When we first introduced PayPal as the subscription payment method we had a bunch of people say “I don’t trust PayPal!” Now there’s another option.

Additionally, we just did a release (more on the new features, coming soon) to enhance the system.

What would you like to see? What would make JibberJobber a more valuable long-term career tool for you?