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Susan Joyce - Webmaster, editor, primary writer, link chooser, and senior job hunter for Job-Hunt.orgI met Susan Joyce, owner of, in Kentucky this spring. She was just as cool in person as she was over e-mail. She has run (here’s her blog) for quite a while, starting it shortly after she was let go from her big computer employer (who no longer exists).

My first interaction with her was when she included as a “site to watch.” That was pretty flattering considering she is one of the major industry watchdogs, with an emphasis on providing value to YOU, the job seeker. But before she wanted to associate the brand with JibberJobber, she wanted clarification about the privacy policy as well as my terms and conditions.

In the almost 18 months that I’ve been doing this, no one has asked about my privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Further, just a few days ago she asked me about the job club that I spoke at in October, because she wants to list them on her site. But get this – she will only list them after she understands their privacy policy, terms and conditions, and how they act.

In other words, before something lands on Susan Joyce’s Job Hunt site, she checks them out. She reads the fine print. She validates that they are not going to mess with your personal data, or take advantage of you! Of course, things may slip through, I can’t imagine she has a fool-proof system, but just knowing that she is not linking to and recommending everything and everyone is (a) reassuring, and (b) unheard of.

Susan Joyce is watching out for you, and I can confidently say that you can use her site to find resources and feel good about what you are finding there.

Here’s a sample of her own language on the site:

Legitimate employers usually qualify for one free listing in Job-Hunt,

Legitimate employers (I’m sure she is checking their legitimacy) aren’t guaranteed, or entitled, you still have to make it past the gatekeeper. certainly has my stamp of approval. Go check it out!

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