Book Review: The Recruiter Is Your Friend

The Recruiter Is Your FriendThis book has two titles: The Recruiter Is Your Friend and This Ain’t Your Granddaddy’s Job Search (which is actually the subtitle). It is a short book (51 pages) by Kristen Hallows, who has a cool blog from a coach/resume-writer perspective.

So what did I think about the book?

Kristen Hallows - career coach, resume strategist, authorAt first I thought it was too short. There just wasn’t enough meat, I thought. But guess what? I’ve read it three times. I agree with almost every single thing in here (don’t ask me what I don’t agree with, I don’t remember, and it was pretty inconsequential)… Kristen has a style where she actually does deliver the meat, it’s just lean. This is great because you can get through the book in about an hour, and hopefully during this time your ideas on what a job search (and career management) is will totally change.

I say hopefully because when I started my job search I wasn’t quite ready to face the truth. I imagine that a lot of people out there (whether they are full of themselves, like me, or students that still think they are “all that” and immortal) aren’t going to be ready to really hear this truth. I think there are a lot of pearls in this book that will probably be overlooked or disregarded. Now that I’ve had my head in this stuff for so long I find them jumping out at me.

Here’s some titles or subtitles to give you an idea of what’s in here:

  • The job search is lined with potholes… and some contain explosives.
  • One thing you can do right now.
  • Use the internet to build your network (do not use it to look for jobs)
  • Networking: Still the best way to find a job!
  • Change your perspective and your attitude while you’re at it
  • Why recruiters make sense (includes The good, the bad and the heinous and How can I find the right recruiter?)
  • Searching confidentially
  • Why resumes will never die

Yes, it is small, but it is bite-sized stuff that people like me (people that suffer from the “I already know everything” syndrome) might just be able to read and accept. It really would have helped set me straight before I wasted two solid months of fruitless job search.

Click here to go to her page with purchasing options (it’s $9.95 on Amazon).

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