Free Personal Branding Teleseminar With The Experts

Career Distinction Stand Out By Building Your Brand!Here’s a twist on the free teleseminar thing – how about spending an hour with me, William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson where I ask about all kinds of cool personal branding questions for you?

William Arruda - Personal branding guruWilliam Arruda and Kirsten Dixson recently finished what might become the bible on personal branding, titled “Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand.” I’ve heard William twice and I was able to get to know Kirsten at the Career Master’s Institute in Kentucky a couple of months ago where we co-presented with Wendy Terwelp. I have been very impressed and can safely say that they are way more passionate about personal branding than I am.

Isn’t that saying a lot??

Kirsten Dixson - Pioneer in online identityThey are on top of their game, and I am already thinking of questions to ask them for this one-hour call. I’d like to invite you to come join us – and have two requests:

First, send me your questions. Or leave them as comments here. I’ll be reviewing their book on this blog in the next week or two, and I don’t want the call to be a book report. Let’s gear the call towards you – send me questions you have (or leave them as comments here).

Second, let’s fill this call up! There are 100 free seats on this call, go register now, reserve your seat, and let others know about it. There are enough cool people that read this blog that we should be sold out… but get your seat now.

Stand Out!I’m excited about this call… make sure you register now, send me any questions you have, and let your friends know about it! Here are the details:

June 5, 2007 (Tuesday) at:

  • 10-11 am Los Angeles
  • 11-12 pm Denver
  • 12-1 pm Chicago
  • 1-2 pm New York

Click here to register (it’s at the bottom of the post on the Career Distinction blog) … See you there!