Coming Out Of The Garage With The ToolBox

A few weeks ago I announced the Career Management Toolbox that I’m working on, with significant input from my partners. I said it would be live and available within a week … and then got busy on my book! Nonetheless, I received some excellent feedback and resources from my partners and thought that I should get this rolling out right now.

Getting to the Career Management ToolboxThere is a new “page” (that’s what a blog calls something that isn’t a “post”) called Career Toolbox. You can always find it by mousing over Pages and then clicking on Career Toolbox. I really want to call it Career Management Toolbox but that was too long for the menu :(.

This looks very elementary right now, without many links. But you’ll get a chance to see what I’m thinking. There are a number of resources that I haven’t put in yet and will be fleshing it out over time – for now I need to work on my book (I need to send the first draft to an editor this weekend!!)!

If you have any suggestions on what other topics or resources should be in the Career Management Toolbox, please let me know! You can leave a comment here (I turned comments to that page off).

(if you haven’t found the other four links to the Career Management Toolbox yet, click here to check it out ;))