On The Radio With Vicki Kunkel – Join Us!

Vicki Kunkel - personal branding expertI’m going to be on Vicki Kunkel’s radio show tomorrow – its only a 30 minute show and it looks like she’s pulling in two other people (“a 50-plus-year-old female executive used her unique brand to achieve a high-ranking corporate position, and how a 20-something has used her casual, laid-back brand to attract interest from some of the world’s top technology companies”).

The topic is personal branding.

It should be loads of fun! I think you can get a stream from your computer to listen.

If you have questions on personal branding, specifically for the show tomorrow, you can:

  • Call in live: 641-297-7250 — Access Code: 387587
  • Call in and leave the question with the producer: 888-379-5442
  • e-mail it now (or anytime before the show): radio@beapowerplayer.com

When is the show?

Tomorrow (Thursday, March 28, 2007) at 12:30 MST (1:30 CST, 2:30 EST, etc.)

How can I hear it?

I think you will find it here: https://www.internetvoicesradio.com/home.htm – at the very bottom are two icons you can choose from, depending on your internet connection.

More about Vicki

Vicki is a pro – she is the expert (I’m not :p). I met her when we had the 40+ comments on the Heather Henricks blog post about having PETA on her online portfolio. You can learn more about Vicki here:

Internet Voices Radio – Vicki’s page

Leader Brand Strategist – Vicki’s website

Get Sticky – Vicki’s blog

I really look forward to tomorrow’s call and hope you can listen in.