New Enhancements So Far This Year

I’ve been quiet on any announcements of new features/fixes – but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working! There have just been other things to blog about 🙂

Here’s a list of things that were released lately (one release almost a month ago and one release yesterday):

Jan 12 release:

A bunch of “behind the scenes” things that have made certain parts of the site faster and more efficient. Fixed some inconsistencies with the List Panel, and stuff like that. Special things for some partners… its all good stuff.
This was a quiet release as it was a good move towards making the site better, smoother, faster 🙂


Keep me logged in – there is a checkbox when you login that allows you to say “keep me logged in” … this was a much requested feature! Note this changed how the login form looks… a little different – I had to get used to it… but its worth it!

New Format for phone fields – we had this really cool formatting where you could fill in a US phone number that was like this 111-111-1111 – with three text boxes. But there were issues – international numbers, no letters (1800PizzaEater), etc. My hangup was that I couldn’t copy and paste an entire number very easily! So now its one big text box and you can enter it however you want … this was a much requested feature!

Category management – people have asked how to edit or delete a category… now there is a little category list panel manager to easily manage your categories … this was a much requested feature!

Categories on Companies – you now have the ability to categorize your companies … this was a much requested feature!

Reformat of the Interview Prep page – this has always bugged me since the page was so long with lots of words (yes, I’m a long-winded writer!). We cleaned it up a lot!

Coach enhancements – (here’s more info on coaching) the first of many enhancements to the coaching interface – when you try to add a coach there are new things, including

  • a message if they are not a coach yet
  • an e-mail to them telling them you want them to be a coach (if they are a JibberJobber user, and a coach)

I feel like I’m forgetting some stuff – I probably am since we occassionaly put up a new feature that is outside of the common “release cycle”… but nothing huge to report.

There are some HUGE things coming – I’m very excited about them but they are at least a week away 🙂