Two Experts on JibberJobber (in 1:55 minutes)

Dave Perry - Guerrilla Marketing for Job HuntersYou know that JibberJobber has gotten a bit of press and coverage lately – I’m sorry to be so self-promoting, but I do like to share this stuff with you guys. This is a very small snippet of the podcast interview that Peter Clayton ( did with Dave Perry – the famous Guerrilla Hunting for Job Hunters guy. I’ve loved reading Dave’s stuff (there are various free downloads hidden on his website, and subscribing to his newsletter gets you free snippets from the book) – it is very very clever stuff (duh – its based around the guerrilla ideas).

Anyway, here’s a 1:55 minute snippet that Peter Clayton sent to me, as a Christmas gift, out of this interview. I recommend the entire interview as he discusses the points that he’s written about on his 12 days of Christmas posts… which is just rich of tools, resources and ideas. My favorite might just be JibberJobber, but there are lots of really cool tools to check out.

Here’s the 1 minute snippet… and here’s the transcript (forgive any errors, I’m not a professional transcriptionist):

Peter Clayton: well another great tool is JibberJobber….

Dave Perry: Ya, Jason’s done a great job

Peter Clayton: We’ve interviewed Jason and,… so tell us a little about JJ

Dave Perry: Some people are familiar with contact management systems and some people aren’t… from to ACT! to MaximizeYou to a whole host of others ones. You have to buy these programs, install them on your system and learn how they work. (each of these are pet peeves of mine… and huge problems that I didn’t want to introduce with JibberJobber!)

JibberJobber on the other hand is an integrated CRM system, its web-based, that most of the functionality is free, you know, I keep telling Jason he’s nuts but hey, what can I tell you. (I am nuts)

It allows you to keep your research, track who you’ve applied to, track jobs you’ve pulled off of website, job boards, it is your day timer on the net and its available 24/7, you never lose your data.

Its a pure stroke of genius.

And what’s really interesting from my standpoint, and I haven’t really talked to Jason about this, but I think that JibberJobber is one of these tools that you sign up for for life. Much like LinkedIn, you sign up for it for life and you just manage the process and all the contacts you have… so that, you know, if your firm where you are working at today, God forbid, is merged, sold or dies, you can be up and rolling in a matter of minutes as opposed to the weeks and weeks and weeks it takes some people to get oriented and get organized for a job search.

And of course getting organized is the hardest part. What’s so bad about that is the organization comes in at the front end, when you have your most amount of enthusiasm and energy, and most people, it will take them 2 or 3 weeks just to get organized to do the job search. And by that time the pee and vinegar is gone. (hm, I’m not familiar with that phrase but I do know what he’s talking about… after a few weeks it gets tiring, and not getting responses from hiring managers is very discouraging)

So this is a tool that I have been suggesting to friends and relatives, like my sister-in-law, that they subscribe to for life – cheap insurance for your career.

Total Picture Radio - The Voice of Career LeadershipThe reason why I love this is because I’m working on my JibberJobber in 30 seconds and Dave touches on so many key points (lifetime tool, the value, etc.) And, its awesome to hear a career expert talk about it as a “must have.”

Thanks Dave and Peter!