New for you!

Action Item ScrollingJust a quick post to let you know that we just uploaded two cool “things” (that means they are availabe to you right now):

First (see image on the right), we’ve been asked for better views of the action items on the front page (dashboard) … so now you’ll see forward/back arrows, and a calendar, to help you move to various weeks. Use the arrows to move one week at a time, or use the calendar to pick any week you want.

List Panel NavigationSecond (see image on the left), we didn’t realize this was an issue (doesn’t everyone have wide monitors??), but some folks had to scroll horizontally to the right just to see the next/back navigation on their list panel. Now on teh right hand side we put in some simple navigation arrows to allow you to go to the next page without scrolling 🙂 Note its the same thing as the next/back links, just on the right.

This may seem like simple stuff (we think so) but its all about making the experience better for you.

Better for you.

Better for you.

See a theme?