2 More How-To Videos

Phone List - from JibberJobberI’m having too much fun with this video software… and it is as unscripted and unplugged as it gets! Here are the next two that you might want to check out:

Get Contact List – I figure you shouldn’t be at your computer all day long – even social networkers need to get away and meet people face-to-face! So here is a way that you can print out the people that you have as contacts, using printer inks – whether they are company and/or network, by tag, category, etc. This is how you export to a csv or vcard file to allow you to send to other programs (like Outlook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc.)… it kind of looks scary but hopefully this tuturial will help you see how easy it really is. Note this is one of the premium features, definitely worth the upgrade, don’t you think?

The List Panel defined – I refer to a thing called the List Panel, which is like a spreadsheet interface + web interface. This short video shows what the List Panel is (there is a List Panel in various places…) and what the different things mean. This is a “must see” video to help you get the best out of the JibberJobber interface, at least with regard to this feature.

Let me know if the videos are problematic for you, otherwise I’ll keep cranking them out!