Intro to Training Videos!!

So I got some cool software to record “how to” training videos for JibberJobber – finally! Actually I’ve been playing around with different software and I think I found my favorite. So I tested it on a couple of different things (see below), I’d LOVE to know what you think, and what requests you have for training.

How to track a job posting and edit its status – (2 minutes 49 seconds) I have gotten multiple requests on how to do this just this week! So here you go.

How to use the Maps – (2 minutes 29seconds) fun, cool, google. What can I say. (I had to record this 4 different times! Argh!)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think. And… in closing… I did not script this, and I realize there are grammar problems and all kinds of things that are rough… I’ll clean it up later but I’m just looking for input.

If anyone’s curious on how I did it, go check out