Making JibberJobber better for YOU

As promised almost two weeks ago, we have some good enhancements to the system (just updated like 20 minutes ago). The beauty of having a web-based system is that we can roll changes out pretty easily… here is a run-down of things that will interest you (there are some small polish enhancement, not listed here):

  1. Addition of a birthday field on a network contact – I know, how could we have missed that? Its there now!
  2. Addition of another phone field so now you have work and home phones… and I had to make an executive decision that is sure to tick off at least 50% of the users… all of the “PHONE” data is now HOME phone… sorry if this is a problem, but hopefully the new field will make it worth it!
  3. You can add your contact’s picture now! This is so cool for me because, as I’ve mentioned, I’m horrible with names/faces.
  4. And finally, various enhancements to the data importing. You can now CREATE a company when you import a contact, and various other things. Some of the contact fields weren’t even options to import before and they are now… just stuff like that. I’ll probably do a “how to” on this to wrap it up. Oh, one quick note, had an issue with a Mac user because of the way the Mac creates its files… and we figured out how to fix it so it imports normal… cool, eh? (you know, Mac users are smarter than the rest of us (no, I don’t have a Mac))

That’s it for now. Great stuff coming from the dev team in the next 60 days… if you have any requests please pass them on to me! And if you don’t have your own account yet stop delaying and take charge of your own career! Get a free account (did I mention it was free?)!!